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The Towns Trust Fund (TTF) was an initiative taken in 1982 by the then Board of Directors of Edwardstown Football Club Inc., several of whom were retiring.

Long Term Vision

Their vision was to build an investment vehicle that would help to underpin the future of junior and senior football, and other sports, at Edwardstown Football Club (EFC) to the great benefit of members, their families and the community for generations to come.

With this vision in mind a number of respected, long term members of EFC Inc. were approached to Found and accept positions as Trustees of the Towns Trust Fund. They agreed, and the Trust Deed, written by solicitor Stephen Mathwin, was registered under the State Trustee Act in February 1983, commencing with funds of $70.00.

Those founding Trustees were:

  • Ian B. Ridings

  • Douglas D. Lavender

  • Gary N. Philpotts

  • Roy E. Curyer (dec.)

  • Geoffrey W. Simmons

  • Robert B. Crabbe

  • Daryl W. Freer

Where are they now?

Geoff Simmons lives with his wife Jenny on the Gold Coast, as does Gary Philpotts and his wife Yota. Doug Lavender continues to thrive in retirement with his wife Eva, and the remainder, excepting Roy Curyer who passed away some years ago, continue as Trustees to this day. We should not forget Ron Ingham who was appointed a Trustee in 1999 and continued until his death, sadly at a relatively early age, in 2007.

Purpose of Fund

The purpose of the Fund is to promote all forms of sport and in particular Australian Rules Football. TTF has indeed provided tens of thousands of dollars to EFC in support of many building and facilities improvement projects, as well as other needs across some 32 years.

TTF continues to operate effectively, complying with terms and conditions of the Trust Deed and meeting regularly. As at June 2015 the serving Trustees who elect the Chair, Treasury and Secretarial roles annually were:

  • Daryl Freer

  • Ian Ridings

  • Robert Crabbe

  • Graham Brazil

  • Carl Boseley

  • Mark Gobbie, and

  • Ian Cooper

It is reasonable to assert that TTF has performed very well over its 32 years and fulfilled the vision of the EFC Board of Directors in 1982 to whom the members of Edwardstown Football Club remain very thankful, just as they do to the Trustees for providing their time, knowledge and skills in a voluntary capacity over those many years.

If you like to become one of our esteemed sponsors, please send us a message.

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