EFC Statement

EFC Statement

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Edwardstown Football Club Statement


Wednesday, 19 July 2017.


The Edwardstown Football Club is aware of the news article in today’s Advertiser/Messenger citing an alleged incident that occurred at the match vs Kilburn FC on Saturday 15/7/2017.


The club is investigating the matter, however there have been no reports or formal complaints lodged by Umpires, Players, Club or the League at this time.


The Edwardstown Football Club has a zero tolerance policy to racial abuse, both on and off field and is deeply concerned about the allegations, if true. The club will perform a thorough, independent investigation into the matter and work steadfastly with the league to resolve any issue.


The EFC Board are extremely disappointed that the allegations from the match have come to light in such a public forum without proper investigation, as the nature of the incident can, and will only, inflame an already sensitive community issue. Our club is a diverse, multicultural club, containing many players of a vast array of backgrounds, in all age brackets, and has no place for discrimination.


No further statements will be released until the completion of the investigation.





EFC Board.

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