• Under 14 – Paul Dunn
  • Under 13 – Michael Excell
  • Under 12 – Anthony Kadi
  • Under 11 – Dale Hurley / Matt Carberry
  • Under 9 – David Fedele
  • Under 8 – Duane Cauchi
  • Under 7 – TBC
  • Auskick – TBC

At Edwardstown we have coaches coaching for their 2nd and 3rd years and some new coaches that all will complete Level 1 Coaches Course from AFL. These coaches are very passionate and  dedicated to provide players and families an atmosphere that concentrates on improvement, development, growth, friendships, enjoyment and team spirit.

Teams Confirmed – 2017
Year Born Age Group
2012 Auskick More details on Auskick below
2011 Auskick or Under 7 More details on under 7’s below
2010 Under 7 or Under 8 *For a 2010 Born Player to play Under 8’s he or she must have turned 7 prior to 30 April of the current football year
2009 Under 8
2008 Under 9
2007 Under 10
2006 Under 11
2005 Under 12
2004 Under 14
2003 Under 14
2002 Under 16.5
2001 Under 16.5
2000 Under 16.5 *For a 2000 Born Player to play Under 16.5 he must turn 17 after 1 July of the current football year
*Players may be asked to play up in the next age depending on skill level & squad sizes (you will need to complete a Playing up Form, see your Coach or Team Manager)
*Players may play down a age group for medical reasons (you will need to complete a Playing up Form, see your Coach or Team Manager)


  • Edwardstown is growing and growing, thanks to all our fantastic families
  • Most of the younger teams are almost full or full, there is still a few sports in under 10, 11, 12, 14 & 16.5
  • We want new players, we want your friends and family to join us
  • Please bring them out to training and if no training yet please send me a email with info and I’ll contact them



  • Auskick is a great introduction to our great Aussie game
  • All details of EFC Auskick program and to register please visit the Auskick web site
  • To register visit www.aflauskick.com.au and choose Edwardstown Football Club (registrations open 8/2)


  • The SANFL will not be formatting a competition for under 7 players
  • But Edwardstown PHOS, Plympton, Goodwood, CLG, etc will organise approx. 10 games
  • We will try one Friday and play the next at different grounds in a carnival format
  • All details to be finalised close to the season
  • If interested please let me know


  • Under 16.5’s – Every Monday/Wednesday with the Seniors 6pm-7:30pm, Pasadena High School/Daws Rd.
  • Under 14 – Every Monday for February – EFC – 5pm to 6pm
  • Under 12 – Tuesday nights – EFC – 5pm to 6pm
  • Under 11 – Every Monday for February – EFC – 5pm to 6pm
  • Under 10 – Friday 1st April (time TBC)
  • Under 9 – Friday 1st April (time TBC)
  • Under 8 – Friday 1st April (time TBC)
  • Under 7 – Friday 1st April (time TBC)

*Players are to wear running shoes and suitable clothes for running in, plus bring their own drink bottle (cold water available to re-fill)

*Hot Weather Policy is training is cancelled if forecast 36 degrees C or above

*We welcome new players to come and give it a go!


  • First Game for all teams is on Sunday 1st May (last Sunday of School hols) (time and location to come)
  • Under 8 to 10 Carnival is on Sunday 10 April (time and location to come)
  • Under 11-16.5 trail/grading games are on Sundays 10 & 17 April (time and location to come)
  • Approx. 30 Clubs now in SANFL, final list to come the end of Feb when Club and Team Nominations close
  • Under 8-10 will play in a Southern/Western Conference, approx. the 10 clubs closest to us
  • Under 11-16.5 will play grading games so they play in a fair competition


  • Membership is compulsory
  • The payment is not due yet, we will give you all the details soon
  • We endeavour to keep our fees low and believe to still be one of the lowest in the area (no change from 2015)
  • Players membership and discounts available below
  • Family Member is on $20
Age Group Cost
Auskick Set by AFL Refer Auskick Website
Under 7
Under 8
Under 9
Under 10
Under 11
Under 12
Under 14
Under 16.5


  • Edwardstown FC is building a reputation as a Club offering something for the whole family
  • This includes nights like Bogan Bingo, Mouse Cup, Band Nights, etc, etc.
  • Belinda and her Social group have more fun events planned for 2016
  • These events give us a chance to socialise as adults and also raise some monies for your childs footy program

Here is some brief history on Edwardstown Football Club Junior Program

With 2016 Footy Season about to begin I thought we would give you some brief history on your Club and why you should be proud to be at Edwardstown Junior Program

  • Edwardstown was a founding member of the Metro South Junior Football League in 1998 and now and inaugural member of the SANFL
  • As with any club there is high and lows, Edwardstown is certainly in a full rebuilding stage after several issues several years ago saw numbers dwindle, we are now back to 8 teams and hope next year to have the full 9 teams again in MSJFL
  • Players and families grow up together and form lifelong friendships, we all have a school mates, our other sports mates, and our footy mates are very special

Junior footy programs are about learning, friendship, club culture, family involvement, and one of the biggest measures for a local junior club is to be inclusive for all including all levels of skills, fitness, and gender and from all walks of life. Below are some basic stats on your junior program:


  • EFC/EJSC acknowledges players milestones (50 games get a pennant, 100 games get a framed jumper and name in the change rooms, 150 games get a mounted ball)
  • Milestones demonstrates loyalty to their team mates and their club
  • Also indicated player retention, players and families staying at their club and working to make it better
  • We average around 16 games per year plus finals, to play 50 games it takes a minimum of 4 years and 8 to play 100 games
  • The records show since 1998 EFC/EJSC has had
    • Approx. 758 wear the double blue jumper
    • 51 x Played 100 plus Games
    • 134 x Played 50 plus game

Players Playing A-Grade & Reserves

  • For a junior to move on and play senior footy at their club shows dedication and loyalty to their club and team mates
  • Edwardstown currently has approximately 30 plus former juniors playing A-Grade, Reserves or C-Grade (does not include all the EFC/EJSC junior players to play senior footy over the journey)

Players Playing at SANFL

  • Players going on play at the next level of footy demonstrate a good base of coaching and support at junior level, Edwardstown currently has approximately 20 plus former juniors playing League, Reserves or Under 18 at West Adelaide, South Adelaide, and Glenelg & Sturt (does not include all the EFC/EJSC players who have played SANFL over the journey)

Players being drafted to AFL

  • Players being drafted to the highest level of footy demonstrates a good base of coaching and support at junior level
  • Edwardstown currently has had the most drafted from the MSJFL with 9, next closest Club has 5
  • Caleb Daniel – Western Bulldogs (2014)
  • Jared Bolinghangen – Fremantle (2011)
  • Jordan Russell – Carlton (2010)
  • Jack Carter – Collingwood (2009)
  • Hamish Hartlett – Power (2008)
  • Matthew Martin – Power (2008)
  • Tyson Slattery – Essendon (2008)
  • Adam Hartlett – Carlton (2004)
  • Danyle Pearce – Power (2004)
  • Sean Rusling – Collingwood (2004)


  • Junior footy is NOT about Premiership but for those who think it is EFC/EJSC is a leader in MSJFL
  • PHOS = 20
  • Edwardstown = 19
  • Mitcham = 15
  • Unley = 11
  • Goodwood = 8
  • Plympton = 6
  • Glenunga, CLG, Mitchell Pk, Kenilworth, Flinders Park & Lockleys = 0

Senior Teams

  • The Edwardstown Football Club was established in 1919.
  • The senior teams have played in various competitions, most recently SAFA, Division 1 & 2 in the SA Amateur League and are currently playing in the Southern Football League.
  • During the past 95 years the A-Grade has won 20 Premiership, averaging to a Premiership less than every 5 years, a record any Club would want
  • Plus all the Premiership won by Reserves, C-Grade, D-Grade and Under 18 along the journey


  • Local Clubs must offer pathway for players to develop and if wanting to continue through to senior level
  • EJSC/EFC offers a pathway for 5 year olds through to 40 year olds, plus involvement for families. more on this as the year progress


  • Edwardstown already boosts one of the best playing surfaces and Club room, the facilities must grow to cater for growing of the junior and senior teams
  • In the near future Edwardstown will see
    • New Playground in the south/west corner (Grand Opening 8/2 at 5pm)
    • New lights, capable of playing night footy
    • New Club rooms including in door gym and training area

You are Edwardstown!

For more information please contact us:

EFC Junior Football Director

Email: edwardstownfcjuniors@gmail.com
Web: www.edwardstownfc.com.au
Facebook: www.facebook.com/EdwardstownFootballClub

Football Program for Children

Age Groups: Auskick, U7, U8, U9, U10, U11, U12, U13, U14, U15, U16.5

Auskick Logo
Edwardstown Football Club Logo

The Auskick program makes learning to play Australian Rules Football fun, safe and easy for boys and girls alike. By attending weekly coaching sessions the children will learn the skills of the game in an exciting, social and safe environment. The Auskick program operates all over Australia.

Children will learn fundamental motor skills vital for future physical activity and sports participation. Learning how to interact with others in a team situation through group activities will be a special focus.

The program also is a fantastic opportunity for parents to interact with their children through the Auskick activities. You can make new friends and learn about the sport. Spend some quality time with your children.

Benefits of Auskick to Children

  • Children learn the fundamental motor skills for future physical activity and sports participation.
  • Children learn the basics of fitness conditioning, including how to train and practise.
  • Children learn the basic principles and importance of health and nutrition.
  • Through specially arranged physical activities and games, some very important mental and psychological skills are nurtured. These include self-motivation, self-responsibility, self-management, persistence, resilience and a best effort always attitude.
  • Through specially arranged team activities, children learn important social skills, including cooperation and respect for others.
  • Contact with older children and adults provides valuable role model experiences.
  • Generally, children benefit from greater levels of confidence and self-awareness and improved health, fitness and overall well-being.
  • Physical activity develops motor and social skills and intellectual capacities.
  • NAB AFL Auskick can assist in reducing self-destructive and delinquent behaviour in young people and contribute to a more disciplined attitude.
  • Community structures often serve as positive models for other community programs that rely on volunteer support.
  • Growth in NAB AFL Auskick benefits our economy, as do the savings on health expenditure that flow from a fitter and healthier population.
  • Physically active children are more attentive, have a more efficient memory, enhanced creativity and better learning, and problem solving and attitude capabilities.
  • NAB AFL Auskick helps children to develop their full potential.

Benefits of Auskick to Parents

  • Convenient, local opportunities for safe, quality family time that results in family bonding
  • The opportunity to engage with children and other families in physical activities and games
  • Greater social contact and interaction
  • Benefits to the community
  • A stronger social fabric and improved community health
  • Enhanced family and non-family support networks
  • Decreased antisocial behaviour
  • Community structures often serve as positive models for other community programs that rely on volunteers.
  • support
  • Growth in NAB AFL Auskick benefits our economy, as do the savings on health expenditure that flow from a fitter and healthier population.

If you like to become one of our esteemed sponsors, please go to Sponsorship Sign Up – Thank you.